Flavor Playlist

At The Cupcake Club we have created over 100 CLEAN Cupcake Flavors to date because we believe that flavors are just as unique as each one of the people we serve and we’d like to see everyone have an opportunity to choose a treat that will make them smile.

We’ve included a portion of our Playlist on this page, however, the best way to discover the fullness of the possibilities is to contact us directly and inquire, who knows, perhaps if we don’t already make it, we can create something special just for you!

1. Ain’t Your Mama Rumchota
2. All IN JOY (Chocolate n Coconut)
3. All Night Long
4. Almond Joy, Joy! – (No Coconut)
5. Ambrosia Bombs, yea we dropped ‘em  – (mini size only)
6. American Pie
7. Apple Cider
8. B.A.N.A.N.A.S- Banana
9. Brown Sugga
10.Candy Girl
11.Chai Cha Cha
13. Cowpea Palooza
14. Dancin’ in the Streets
15. Doo Wop
16. Double Dutch
17. Duet
18. G.B. Foster
19. Ginger Spice
20. Heart of Gold
21. High C
22. Honeycomb
23. It Takes Two- Chocolate Rasberry
24. If you LIKE Pina Colada
25. Ladies First
26. Lovely Day Lemon Crème

26. Lovely Day Lemon Crème
27. Maple Morning
28. Midnight Train
29. Mi Scherry Amor
30. Orange Pop Sunshine
31. Razzamatazz (Lemon/Razberry)
32. Rock the Boat Baby
33. Root! There it is (Rootbeer)
34. Say My Name Meringue
35. Smoothin’ Groovin’ Chocolate
36. I Want S’more
37. Short n’ Sweet
38. Sweet Thang (Sweet Tea)
39. The Supreme (Chocolate)
40. Too Legit to Chip
41. Vanilla Ice
42. Yam Jam


43. Ginger Spice
44. Harvest Harmony
45. Holiday
46. Lady Sings the Blues-Blueberry
47. Mellow Melon
48. Strawberry Letter
49. Watermelon Weather
50. Peachy Key
51. Sugar n Spice


52.American Pie Remix
53.Date Night
54.Get Down On It
55.Smooth Operator
56.Very Berry aka Berry Berry
57.La’ Carat
58.Strawberry Letter Remix
59.Lovely Day Lemon Crème Remix
60.Orange Pop Remix
61.The way we do the things we do
62.Lady Sings the Blues Remix


63. Chattanooga Choo (Brownie Chocolate) – Vegan
64. I Want S’MORES – Vegan
65. We Put the Lime with the Coconut – Vegan